How To Hang Your Balloon Garland

hang a balloon garland Video:


We provide 2 hooks for every 6 feet of garland. Choose your wall location; wipe the area to ensure a clean surface, and then place each hook about 10 inches in from each end to prevent your garland from sagging in the middle. Or shape it how you desire.

Hooks can be used on walls, door trim, window casing, mantles, tiles and sometimes glass.

Step 2: Tie Balloon Bands

We include several "long balloons" in your kit and these can be used to tie your garland to the command hook. If you are not securing your garland to the wall you can also use these bands to secure your garland to stair railings, onto pendant lights, around porch posts and more. They provide a non slip grip that is safe for all surfaces. The best is easy to remove after the party is over!

Step 3: ADD the "mini's"

After your garland base is secured to the area where you want it displayed you will add the "mini balloons" (clusters of 4 balloons with a rubber band) to your garland. These mini balloons are used to fill in gaps and to add dimension! Just slip the rubber band over one of the larger balloons to add the mini details.

We recommend doing this after the "base" garland has been hung up so you can make sure it is presentable from the front side.

Step 4: ADD EXTRA Accents

If you ordered extra add ons like foil icons, character balloons or starburst balloons you will inflate those with air using the straw included in your kit. Then you can attach those where desired using glue dots from your kit.

Starburst balloons can also be added using the long skinny balloon bands in your kit. Just tie the band through the middle of the starburst and attach around a neck of any balloon.

Where To to Hang your garland:

Above A Dessert Table, Along A Stair Railing, Above A Doorway or French Door, Across Kitchen Island Pendant Lights, On A Blank Wall, Across Windows, up a porch post etc.

You can use the bands in your kit to attach your garland to: Hooks, light fixtures, stair railings, porch posts, trees, welcome signs, tents, umbrella’s and more. 

We could go on and on!