Pricing Guide

This pricing guide and decor menu reflects starting prices for our most popular items. This is not a comprehensive list of what we offer but it does provide a point of reference for our most popular items. Every event is unique and prices may vary based on individual selections. 

helium balloons: a'la carte

Balloon bouquets are the perfect party accent. There are hundreds of balloon styles available from solid colors to prints. We offer Latex and Non Latex balloon options (foil and plastic). Not sure what you want? Just ask for the “designers choice” and we will build a bouquet to fit your colors, theme, and budget. 

Latex Balloons: Includes Helium (float time 2-3+ days)

  • 11″ (standard size) / $3 each
  • 16-18″ (medium size) / $6 each 
  • Confetti Fill Adds +$5
Foil Balloons: Includes Helium (float time 2-3+ days)
  • 18″ Basic Round or Star Shapes / $4-5 each
  • 26″ – 40″ Numbers Or Letters / $12 each
  • 20″-50″ Shapes (unicorns, flamingos etc.) / $12+
*Weights are $1.50 and will be added as needed.
View our current selection of in stock Balloons HERE

Jumbo balloons: A'La Carte

Jumbo Balloons are available in (2) sizes and can be customized to match any theme or event. Everyone loves a LARGE surprise! 

A’La Carte Pricing: Includes Helium. Float time 3-5 days +

  • 24″ Size / $22 each (Confetti Fill Adds + $5)
  • 30″ Size / $28 each (Confetti Fill Adds + $5)


Tail Add Ons:

  • Paper Streamer Tails: $8 Per Balloon
  • Mylar Fringe Tails: $10 Per Balloon
  • Tissue Tassel Tails: $15 Per Balloon
  • Other Styles: Quoted Upon Request


Get Personal! Add a custom message, phrase, or logo on your balloons. Messages can be added to Helium Balloons, Organic Balloon Garlands, Arches, Walls & Column Toppers too. Custom messages are perfect for gender reveals, engagement parties, baby announcements and more!

Cost: $15 per balloon / per location

grandstand bouquet: $85+

Our Grandstand Balloon Bouquets blend the best of both worlds! We combine helium balloons with air filled balloons to create a one of a kind free standing sculpture. This type of decor is perfect when you want to feature characters, themed icons, and number displays. These reach a height of approximately 7-8′ ft. creating a truly “grand” display. Intended for indoor use only. 

  1. Single Number or Foil Character: $85+
  2. Double Number: $100+

Available Add Ons: (fees apply):

  • Greenery or Floral
  • Personalization / Custom Message

table runners: $15/Per Ft.

Table Runners are built using smaller scale balloons that are perfect for tabletops. Total width is about 12″ overall to allow room for place settings and tableware. There is a 4 ft. minimum order on all table runners. Cost includes REAL greenery accents. (eucalyptus or tropical palms).

Available Add ons (fees apply):

  • Flowers
  • Mini Foil shapes (stars, hearts, themed icons etc.)
  • Mini Honeycombs or Paper Fans
  • Paper Die cut shapes or icons

deluxe garland: $15/Per Ft.

Our Deluxe Garlands feature balloons that range in size from  5″ – 18.” This style is perfect for everyday occasions & celebrations.

Available Add Ons (fees apply):

  • Greenery or Florals
  • Honeycombs or Paper Fans
  • Die Cut Banners or Shapes
  • Streamers & Fringe
  • Foil Shapes (numbers, stars, hearts, themed icons etc.)
  • Personalization / Custom Message 

Grand garland: $25/Per Ft.

Our Grand Garlands feature balloons that range in size from  5″ – 30″ and include a higher quantity of balloons making them larger in scale. The end result is more IMPACTFUL & LUSH. This is how you make an impact!

Available Add Ons (fees apply):

  • Greenery or Florals
  • Honeycombs or Paper Fans
  • Die Cut Banners or Shapes
  • Streamers & Fringe
  • Foil Shapes (numbers, stars, hearts, themed icons etc.)
  • Personalization / Custom Messages

balloon walls: $12/Per sq. Ft.

Free standing balloon walls are constructed using 5″ – 30″ balloons. This type of design also includes the addition of up to 6 specialty balloons such as metallic spheres or iconic foil shapes. The framing and base support rental is included in the cost and will be picked up after your event.  

Example: 7′ x 7′ = 49 Sq Ft. x $12 = $588

Available Add Ons (fees apply):

  • Greenery or Florals
  • Honeycombs or Paper Fans
  • Die Cut Banners or Shapes
  • Logo Signs / Printed Signs
  • Personalization / Custom Message

Mosaic frames: $99+

Our balloon filled numbers, letters, or shapes can be used for just about any event or application. Each one is handmade to order and yours to keep! Pair them with a balloon garland for even more FUN!  We offer 3 different sizes to fit your needs. 

Custom logos, shapes, and themes available upon request.

Size and price options:  (per number or letter)

  • 40″ Tall:  $99 each (shown)
  • 48″ Tall:  $139 each 
  • 60″ Tall:  $179 each 
 Available Add Ons (fees apply):
  • Greenery or Florals
  • Foil Icons (stars or shapes)
  • Personalization / Custom Message

Balloon Chains: $2/Per Ft.

Balloon Chains are fun and whimsical. Mix & Match colors and sizes to create a unique look for your event. 

10 ft. minimum order required on balloon chains = $20 

streamer walls: $7/Per sq. Ft

Free standing streamer walls are constructed using a mix of plastic, mylar, and paper fringe. The framing and base support rental (if needed) is included in the cost and will be picked up after your event. 

Cost Example: 7×7 = 49 sq ft. x $7 = $343

Available Add Ons (fees apply):

  • Balloon Garlands
  • Balloon Foil Shapes (stars, hearts, themed icons etc.)
  • Honeycombs or Paper Fans
  • Die Cut Banners Or Shapes
  • Signs 

streamer Swags: $12/Per Ft

Streamer swags can be hung from garlands or used on their own to create a fun accent or smaller scale backdrop. Each swag is about 4 feet tall in the center with graduated sides to create a V shape. 


  • 6 Ft. Wide: $72
  • 5 Ft. Wide: $60
  • 4 Ft. Wide: $48

bedroom surprise: $100+

One of our most requested set ups! The bride room or birthday room surprise is always a huge hit! We can customize colors and icons to coordinate with your theme perfectly. This look is perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday surprises and surprise guest arrivals. 

$100 cost includes streamer ceiling balloons, loose bed balloons and up to (5) 16″ air filled balloon letters.

Bride Room Package as shown: $136 ($100 base package + 3 foil add ons).

Available Add-ons:

  • Foil Balloon Shapes or Characters
  • Foil Balloon Numbers (birthdays)
  • Foil Balloon Letters (larger than what is shown)
  • Jumbo Balloons

Birthday Towers: $12/ft.

Birthday towers are free standing balloon columns that work perfectly for birthday parties or milestone moments. Tower topper can be either a foil number or character. 

  • 4 Ft = $48 (shown) +$12 for second number
  • 5 Ft. = $60 + $12 for second number
  • 6 Ft. = $72 + $12 for second number
Available Add Ons: (fees apply)
  • Foil accent icons or shapes (mini stars, hearts etc.)
  • Greenery / Florals
  • Honeycomb Balls or paper fans
  • Paper Die Cut Shapes
  • Personalization / Custom Message 

columns: $14-$20 / Per Ft.

Free standing balloon columns are great for outdoor applications. Base support rental is included in the cost and will be picked up after your event. Cost includes Jumbo Topper or Foil Icon Topper.

Style & Pricing Options:

  • Traditional Design:  $14 /Per Ft.
  • Organic Design:  $20 /Per Ft. 
Available Add Ons: (fees apply)
  • Greenery / Florals
  • Balloon accents or shapes (stars, hearts, etc.)
  • Honeycomb Balls or Paper Shapes
  • Personalization / Custom Message


curved arch: $14-$20 / Per Ft.

Free standing curved arches are priced per linear foot. A typical double door entryway requires a 20-25 ft. arch. The base support rental is included in the price and will be picked up after your event.

Style & Pricing Options: 

  • Traditional Design: $14/ Per Ft.
  • Organic Design: $20/ Per Ft. (shown)
Available Add Ons: (fees apply)
  • Greenery / Florals
  • Balloon accents or shapes (stars, hearts, numbers etc.)
  • Streamer Swags
  • Paper Die Cut banners or shapes
  • Honeycomb Balls / Paper Fans
  • Personalization / Custom Message

pool balloons:

Pool Balloons are extremely beautiful for outdoor events; however, high winds can make this a challenging decor item. We use mostly 24″ or 30″ Latex balloons for our pool installations and often mix air filled with helium filled balloons to achieve a staggered and dimensional effect. 

Size & Pricing Options:

Latex Balloons: With Helium (floating above surface): 

  • 24″ / $20 each
  • 30″ / $25 each
Standard Latex Balloons: Without Helium (resting on surface):
  • 24″ / $12 each
  • 30″ / $15 each
There is a $75 installation fee on all pool balloons.

marquee numbers: $75 each

Rent our 4 ft. tall Marquee Light Up numbers for your milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and significant dates. These numbers are sure to add a touch of glow & glam to your celebrations. 

Marquee light rentals: $75 Each 

We are more than just a “balloon” company. We also provide rental items that allow us to enhance and elevate your events. From backdrops to neon signs and more; we offer a variety of looks and props to help you decorate & celebrate. 

backdrops & More:

We offer a variety of backdrop rentals that work perfectly with balloon decor to create the perfect “photo zone” or “photo backdrop” for your events. Be sure to let us know if you need a backdrop for your event. Visit our rental page for a full list of available items.

Delivery Fees are calculated at $1 Per Mile from our address in Point Washington, Florida

Normal Delivery Hours: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (after hours or early morning delivery options are available for an extra $25 service fee).

$250 Minimum Order + Delivery Fee

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We can’t wait to MINGLE with you.