What Is A Compote Exactly?

If you are anything like us you often turn to the internet to dig a little deeper into subjects unknown. Hello Google! After seeing several styles of “compotes” during our recent trip to Market we literally had to turn to our favorite online resource to find out the true meaning of this word. Although it is mainly defined as “fruit that has been preserved or cooked in syrup” we were also thrilled to find out that it also has a second definition:

a compote is a bowl shaped dessert dish with a stem.

Well NOW we are hooked! Of course we can get behind any type of vessel that serves double duty as a serving bowl and also a creative way to showcase some of our favorite things. Although we have seen several glass and vintage style compotes throughout the years; we were immediately smitten with these new zinc compotes that come in a variety of sizes. The Zinc finish lends itself to a casual farmhouse style that we love. As you can probably guess… we purchased several of these amazing zinc compotes for our store and are currently using them to showcase everything from jewelry to sponges to keychains and more. Below are some additional examples of how to use them around your house and at your next event!

Use them to serve up fruit and other dry goods around the kitchen. We also love these smaller sizes for soaps and sponges in the bathroom.

Turns out Zinc Compotes also make great ice buckets for champagne, wine, beer or your favorite beverage! We also love the idea of of using them for planters on the patio.

This oversized Compote comes in at 20″ in diameter and is the perfect solution for large gatherings. We also love them for storing extra pillows, throws, and other items nearby.

Stop by our retail location and see these new & fabulous zinc compotes in person! We’d love to hear how you would put them to use in your home.

-The Mingle Team